Even the best windows at some point need replacement. The longevity of your window depends on many factors including, the quality of the material it’s made from, the kind of weather it is exposed to and how well you maintain it over the years.

Before your window starts falling apart, you should always watch out for indicative signs that tell they need replacement. Replacing your window at the right time is economically advantageous and also improves the quality of life of your family.

When it comes down to replacing your windows, here are 5 major signs you should look out for;

1. Soundproofing Ability

New windows are usually insulated with Argon or Krypton to enhance their sound-absorbing capacity. Windows play a major role in reducing the amount of noise coming into your house from the environment. When your window starts failing at this function, you can say goodbye to the peace and quiet you’ve once enjoyed. This occurrence could cause a quick deterioration in your quality of life due to the noise disturbances coming from the environment. At this point, you can be sure your window is due for replacement.

2. Soft, Chipped and Water Damaged Window Frames

When your window material becomes soft and chipped, these are critical signs showing you need a window replacement. Your window starts becoming soft and chipped after absorbing water for a long time and this results in the growth of rot and molds which weakens the window. At this point, finding a quick and quality window replacement is the best and safest option.

3. Difficulty When Opening and Closing the Windows

Are you finding it difficult to open, close or lock your windows? These may be signs that your window needs replacement already. Stiffened and imbalance windows are a result of improper installation which ultimately results in damaged windows. Rusted hinges also make opening and closing your windows quite a difficult task. When your window starts showing these signs, an immediate replacement is very important for the safety and security of your family.

4. Increased Energy Bill

Overworking your HVAC system due to poor window insulation in your home is a major cause of skyrocketing energy bills. When the air starts getting into your home through your single-pane window or through seams, even when locked, it is a good sign your window needs replacement. If not fixed on time, this can quickly take a heavy toll on your HVAC system and also cause an increase in your energy bill. A window replacement will provide better insulation that will help keep the temperature of your home constant and also shut out noise from the environment.

5. Worn Out Windows

Worn out windows are the worse as they keep you wondering whether to renovate or just completely replace them. Worn out windows are severely disadvantageous on so many levels. From disfiguring your home and making it look like a haunted house, to leaks, letting both rainwater and air into your home.

Wearing occurs in wooden windows as a result of rot and mold attack. When left unchecked over time, such a window starts to fall apart. PVC windows also expand and contract under heat causing them to become warped and disfigured. They also tend to lose their color when exposed to the elements for too long. When you start noticing these signs in your wooden or PVC window, it is safe to conclude you need a window replacement.

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