Maintaining your windows should be one of your top priorities due to the indispensability of the windows. Regardless of the materials, your windows are made up of they deserve to be appropriately cared for or else you will need full window replacement. Meanwhile, the maintenance of new replacement windows and older ones is not as tasking as you think. If you like Do-It-Yourself tasks, you can maintain your windows without spending so much. Read further to learn the 5 tips for regular windows maintenance you can adopt.

1. Sand Down Wooden Windows

One of the ways to keep your wooden windows or frame in a top condition is by removing scratches on them before repainting or staining. If your wooden windows look bad and need a touch of fresh paint, use soapy water to sand off the old paint and the scratches. This will help to smoothen out the surface of the frame or window and ready for painting.

2. Repainting or Staining

Note that regular repainting of your wooden windows or frames is crucial to keeping them functional, reliable, and protected from damage. If you have finished sanding down your window or frames, re-paint or stain them to make them well-maintained and move resistant to moisture and the harsh weather. Repainting or staining your windows will make them more attractive and boost the aesthetics of your home.

3. Check Locks

As part of your regular window maintenance, you must make sure that you check the locks on your windows. Examine the opening mechanisms as well to ensure that they are in place. If you notice any loose screws, replace or re-tighten them immediately to make the mechanisms properly fixed to the windows for correct functionality.

4. Repair Broken or Damaged Parts

Some parts of your windows may have broken, damaged, or removed due to regular operation. However, you cannot leave your windows in a poor state. Look for damaged parts in your windows and fix them immediately. Replace removed screws, fill holes with putty and sand down, the repaint. This will make your windows function without spending a fortune on them.

5. Lubrication of Moving Parts

If you have wooden windows, you must lubricate their moving components to prevent them from getting stiff and stuck. Lubricate the contact points of your windows regularly for protection against the harsh weather and smooth operation. Meanwhile, do not disassemble or loosen screws of your new windows to lubricate them in order not to void their warranty. Besides, use silicone-based lubricants and not petroleum-based lubricants for rollers, hinges, and metal tilt latches.

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