Today, homeowners are choosing vinyl as their framing material. Besides low cost, this material provides excellent insulation and requires little to none maintenance. However, regular care has to be on the top of your priority list.

Bottom line is that even windows of high quality need proper maintenance and care. Here is how to do it:

The Cleaning Process

One important factor in window maintenance is regular cleaning. It is recommended that you do it once or twice a year. Window replacement happens more frequently to homeowners who forget to clean their windows. The process involves several stages:

  • Gently removing the screens
  • Removing dust from corners with a broom or a vacuum
  • Making your glass spotless with the proper cleaning agent
  • Using a non-ammoniac agent to clean the framing
  • Rinsing everything with water
  • Letting everything to dry out before you put back the components

The Cleaning Agent

A homeowner’s common concern is about which cleaning agent to use on the glass and framing. This is a legitimate concern since if you use the wrong substance, significant damage can happen to the material.
Have in mind that each material requires a different cleaning agent. It is best to consult with your local contractor or manufacturer on the appropriate substance for your windows. In the meantime, try out this effective homemade recipe for your window glass:
Mix together ¼ cup of 70% concentrated rubbing alcohol, 2 water cups, and ½ cup of white or cider vinegar. Put the mixture into a spray bottle and use it wipe your windows.

The Glass & The Right Cloth

The window glass is just as important as the framing and the sealants. The best time to damage your windows is on cleaning day. First, lots of homeowners make the mistake of using news or toilet papers for wiping.
This leaves scratches and stains which can damage the glass coatings, reducing UV protection. Instead of newspapers, use microfiber cloths for cleaning your glass.
Additionally, make sure to wipe your glass on a cloudy day. Sunlight dries up the cleaning agent too fast, leaving stains and nasty spots on your glass.

Repair Occasional Faults

Besides cleaning, regular repairs are necessary if you want to get the most out of your windows. This means fixing every little quirk as soon as possible. For more serious issues, calling an expert is always suggested. If you are a DIY repair enthusiast, some quick fixes are very easy.
Knowing when your window needs repair or replacement isn’t that hard. Just make sure to look out for these particular situations:

  • Draftiness and cold breezes
  • Interior and between-panes condensation
  • Loose windows or ones that are too hard to close
  • Faded furniture, flooring and artwork next to the window (can happen because of poor UV protection or damaged coatings)
  • Rot, pesticide, cracks, and leaks
  • Cracks and leaks on the wall above or below the windows
  • Bad or lack of soundproofing

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