Before you sell your house, renovate it! This real estate rule exists solely to increase your home’s value and to make investments more profitable. If you are wondering which remodeling project to choose, have in mind that modern homebuyers love curb appeal and energy efficiency.
That’s why the smartest renovation project for 2019 is window replacement. However, there are many other methods you could also try.

Here are the top 5 ways to spice up things in your backyard and increase the return on investment:

Front Entrance

Your entrance speaks volumes about your home’s interior. It’s the first thing anybody notices. Trust us, entering your home through a freshly painted entry door immediately changes your perspective. Plus, refreshing the entrance isn’t expensive at all.
The main tools you need are creativity and enthusiasm. You could repaint windows and doors, upgrade to steel, purchase hanging plants, install window boxes, put a piece of furniture on the deck, add glass décor to your door, install interesting doorknobs, customize welcoming mugs and family emblems, etc.
There are many wonderful and creative options. It’s what you choose that matters!

Patio Doors

Renovating your front is a good place to start, but where to next? Well, when you are already thinking about doors, why not switch your attention to the patio? The way you connect your interior with the garden or backyard is very important. Patio doors are highly recommended, but be careful when choosing the style.
Think of the practicality, aesthetics, and safety your door provides. Is it enough? Additionally, replacing your patio doors is a project with a high ROI. Don’t be afraid of getting creative while you are taking this journey. Exterior kitchens are the latest trend and they won’t be complete without a nice entrance.

Gates and Fencing

Improving your home’s security is crucial for living a carefree life. While you are at it, why not make it interesting and creative. Door and window replacement have been known to increase security. Adding security cameras and motion-activated lights have also sealed the deal.
But, have you thought about installing unique and beautiful gates and fences? You could combine a DIY fence with some LED lights and make the most out of your backyard. Remember to make them as colorful and as authentic as possible.


Unfortunately, garden decoration won’t increase your home’s value that much. But, they will warm up your soul and make your backyard 10 times more interesting to look at. Fountains and sculptures always help, but why not give your garden a bit of your personality?
Invest in your hobbies and start putting some handmade vases out there. These kinds of personal treasures always grab attention and are great conversation starters! This way you will also develop and improve your creative skills.

Driveway and Garage

For homeowners that think more on the practical side of things, we suggest upgrading the driveway and garage. Most of the time, they play a large role in the look of our backyards and in the quality of curb appeal. Additionally, one of these two projects has the highest ROI.
According to statistics, garage door replacement can have an ROI of 108%. This means that besides having the garage door pay for itself, you will also gain a couple of dollars in your pocket. Driveways and garages are extremely important, especially for practicality and maintenance.

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