Which Material is Best for Your Replacement Window Frames?

Are you planning window replacement and wish to know the best material for window frames? Do you want to choose the perfect window frame for your window replacement project for efficiency and the best result? Do not stress out; read the guide below to know the best material for your replacement window frames.
Check the materials below to make an informed decision when planning to replace your window frames.

1. Wood Frames

When thinking of window replacement, wood frames offer you an enhanced experience. Wood frames are made from solid wood and are cladded by vinyl or aluminum for protection from the elements and low maintenance. This type of material does not need resending, repainting, or resealing because of the durability of aluminum or ruggedness of vinyl that will cover the wood part of the material.

2. Vinyl Frames

Vinyl frames are inexpensive of all the available, high-quality window replacement frame materials. They are strong and have a high level of insulation or resistance to harsh weather. Vinyl frames are made from PVC and are usually white and other colours. They do not require painting but can withstand the harsh UV light over them.

3. Composite Frames

Composite frames are made from a blend of materials like fiberglass. They do not require staining or painting. They are affordable and come in a wide variety of materials. Composite frames may be made from solid wood, laminated wood, or plastic containing embedded wood fibers. They are usually stronger than vinyl frames and deliver on the thermal resistance of wood.
When choosing the right material for the window frames for your window replacement project, prioritize durability, maintenance, and thermal resistance. However, you may also consider the aesthetics of the window frames in line with the exterior of your home.

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