One of the factors that indicate that you need window replacement is when your windows become leaky. The reason is that a leaky window will undoubtedly cause mold. Moisture or dampness is the perfect condition for mold to grow.
When you look at leaky windows and frames, you are most likely to see black spots, discoloration, and fuzzy growths, being wet or moist. Know that mold spores are present in almost all homes but are only waiting for the perfect condition to start growing leaky windows will make window frames wet and mold will begin growing at an incredible speed.

Sources of the Moisture

Moisture that feels the growth of mold comes from holes, gaps, or cracks in the window, walls, or frames and poorly sealed windows. As long as water seeps into the home, mold will grow. Another source of moisture is condensation that occurs on glass windows.

Causes of Window Leaks

Before you place an order for window replacement, here are some of the causes of window leaks; so, you can guard against them in the future.

  1. Poor Installation – Poor quality of installation could leave cracks in the wall and holes on frames or windows, which will allow water to lean into the home and allow mold to grow.
  2. Extreme Weather – Harsh weather could cause window frames to warp and leave gaps on the wall in-between frames.
  3. Aging – When windows have become old, their structure can change due to warping and other factors. If your windows are at least 15 years, consider window replacement.

Symptoms of Mold

Apart from fuzzy growths of mold you see around, the following are signs that mold is growing in the home:

  1. Itchy or watery eyes
  2. Runny nose
  3. Coughing
  4. Sneezing
  5. Discoloration

When you notice any of these signs, mold is growing somewhere in your home, give purchasing window replacement a thought.

Mold thrives in moist or dampness environment. With the rotting frame, wet windows, etc., those are the perfect ambiance for mold to grow. Leaking windows would let water enter the house and give mold a chance to grow.

Mold has health hazards if allowed to grow in the house. To minimize or prevent dangers of health issues that mold causes, buy high-quality window replacement to change the damaged windows, and keep your home mold-free.

From all indications leaking windows will aid mold growth. Ensure to get windows replacement to keep your home safe and free from mold invasion.

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