In addition to being a beautiful facade of a house, a window also provides essential functional services like safety, improvement in energy and efficiency of the home, and keeps the utility bills in check. However, when your window is leaking, it can result in diverse issues, which must be fixed as soon as possible.
Your window may be leaking due to poor installation, lack of maintenance, design flaws, wear and tear and physical misalignment.

If your windows are leaking, here is a list of what you can do:

1. Seal the Leaking Window

Examine the leakage for damages, caulking or cracks, carefully seal the damaged frame or window. Remove the damaged caulking before adding fresh caulking and painting.

2. Replacement of Windows

The perfect solution to a leaking window is to change it. Modern replacement windows come with enhanced features for best performance, and they are available in a wide array of collections. Invest in replacement windows and give yourself peace of mind.

3. Fix a Leaking Frame

You should examine your window critically for any leakage in the frame. If your window frame is leaking, find the exact spot by having someone spray on the frame from outside, while you stay indoors to look for the leak. Trim and replace rotten frame, remove cracked or damaged caulking and make the frame strong, sturdy and effective again.

4. Check Other Possible Sources of Window Leakage

Before ordering for replacement windows, you should try and find out if water is leaking into your home from your window because it is possible that the actual leaking spot is the roof. As a result, ensure that you check all other possibilities to avoid spending on fixing the leakage twice.

5. Check the Weep Holes

The openings built into the bottom of metal window frames for draining off the water that collects in the window tracks may have clogged and thus could be causing leakages into your home. Clear the clogging to allow the weep holes to function appropriately by preventing the tracks from overflowing in heavy rain.

6. Reglazing

In addition to replacement windows, another way to handle leaking window is by reglazing. When you are experiencing water leakage into your home, the glazing may have chopped off. Sand the frame and add fresh putty, which will harden in about ten days.

Your window is crucial to your experience in a house. If your existing windows are too old to prevent leaking, replacement windows are your best option.

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