When moisture is trapped in your windows either in the bathroom or kitchen, you may be wondering what ways are available to get it out. First, you need to know that the moisture in your windows is caused by excess humidity, although there are other causes which are beyond the scope of this write-up. We want to get rid of the moisture in the windows, and there are many ways to do this.

Some of the ways to get the moisture out of your windows are discussed below:

1. Turn Down the Humidifier

If the windows where you use a humidifier have moisture in them, you need to turn down to the humidifier. Since a humidifier releases moisture into the air, you need to turn it down to reduce the amount of moisture being released into the air. Over time, the moisture in the windows would dry up.

2. Buy a Moisture Eliminator

While you may consider replacement windows because the integrity of your windows has been compromised with moisture trapped in them. However, you may wish to invest in a moisture eliminator to see the impact of your highly humid home. Moisture eliminators come in various designs and models. They are useful for removing excess moisture from the air, and this can also get the moisture out of windows.

3. Use Kitchen and Bathroom Fans

Cooking and showering release moisture into the air, which may not escape easily but get into your windows and condense. Run the escape fans in your kitchen and bathroom for about 30 minutes after you cook or shower to remove moisture from home and possibly get it out of windows.

4. Increase Temperature

To reduce the moisture in your windows, raise the temperature in the home and of the windows. By the time the windows’ temperature increases, the moisture will gradually dry up. You can use the drapes, curtains, or blinds to raise the temperature of the windows.

5. Open the Windows

If the weather is relatively warm, you can open your windows to release some of the moisture in them and the humidity trapped in the home.

6. Replace Windows

If none of the tips shared above gets the moisture out of your windows, you certainly have to consider replacement windows. For moisture to have been trapped in the windows means that the windows are no longer airtight, they are likely to have cracked, or they are old and need replacement.

Know that windows that have moisture in them are not energy-efficient any longer and will lead to high utility bill over time. Replacement windows are the way to go to get rid of likely problems in the future.

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