When you are living in an old house, or you just bought an old house, you may think there is nothing much you can do to salvage the poor level of energy efficiency of the house. Meanwhile, you can make an old house as energy efficient as a newly built house. The purpose of this write-up is to show you how you can make an old home more energy efficient and overcome the spikes in your energy bill.

What to Do?

1. Install Replacement Windows

You’ll be surprised to know that broken, warped windows and doors are a major problem considering the energy efficiency of a house. There is a high tendency that the windows of the old house have become worn out or cannot compete with high-quality replacement windows on the market due to lack of insulation factored into the manufacturing of present-day replacement windows.

2. Insulate Walls and Attic

Irrespective of the age of the old house, you can improve its energy efficiency by ensuring that its attic and walls are well-insulated. Effective insulation reduces heat loss in a house in winter and keeps the home coo in the summer. As a result, less energy will be needed to cool or heat the house. Ensure that wall cavities are filled and wall insulation is installed. Besides, upgrade the insulation of the house’s attic or loft. This will not only improve comfort in the home but also make the house energy efficient.

3. Improve Hot Water System Efficiency

If the existing water heater in the old house is working correctly, you do not have to throw it away, otherwise, invest in an energy-efficient water heater. Besides, enhance the efficiency of the home’s hot water system by regulating the temperature to 1200F (warm setting). Also, upgrade the insulation of the hot water lines to prevent cooking of quickly between uses.

4. Use Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs)    

Compact fluorescent lamps are energy efficient and will reduce electricity used for lighting by 75%. If you have incandescent in the old house, consider replacing them with CFLs. Remember that the electricity required to run lightbulbs costs more than bulbs. Hence, it is crucial to invest in bulbs that will reduce electricity consumption for lighting. Besides, CFLs last 10,000 hours and require 27 watts to generate light that a 100-watt incandescent bulb will produce. In terms of comparative cost-benefit analysis, CFLs are better to improve the energy efficiency of an old house.

With a few renovations here and there and upgrade of the electrical appliances and installations in an old house, it will be possible to make an old house more energy efficient, especially with replacement windows.

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