There is no such thing as a “best window treatment”. Everything depends on personal preferences considering style and practicality. Some people value privacy, some natural light and others maintaining a traditional look. So before you choose chic treatments for your new window replacement project, write a list with your preferences and let it guide you through decision making.

1. Blinds

There are 4 main types of window treatment: blinds, shades, curtains and shutters. First, let us talk about the basic one – blinds. These consist of slats which can be rotated 180 degrees. Blinds separate into 2 types: vertical and Venetian. The first rotate vertically and the latter horizontally.

Usually, blinds do not create a strong aesthetical statement, but they are very practical when it comes to controlling natural light and privacy. This is why they are mostly found in rental homes and sunny climates. But even though blinds aren’t known for their style, wooden blinds, especially those from hardwood do increase aesthetic in a room and create wonderful shading.

2. Shades

The number one choice for homeowners obsessed with privacy shades. They can be found in many forms, the most popular being roman, roller and cellular. Shades are open only from the bottom and this is why their main disadvantage is the limits on natural light and views. Because a closed shade means no outside views, homeowners can become stressed when inside.

However, there are types of shades with amazing colors and patterns which significantly increase the aesthetic in the interior. Additionally, manufacturers invented honeycomb shades, opened from top to bottom as well as from bottom to top. This gives enormous flexibility. For instance, one can leave the top part of the window without shading and the bottom part with, enabling natural light and privacy at the same time.

3. Curtains

The edgiest window treatment is drapery. This is because there are tons of styles out there and maintenance is really hard. Curtains can be made from many different types of fabric and each requires different care. Homeowners have complained about how curtains faded or got smaller after the first wash, so if you choose this window treatment, take great care on how you treat them.

When it comes to aesthetic and practicality, curtains are fairly easy to operate and provide an authentic look for every home. However, the amount of privacy they offer is disputable and mainly depends on the type of fabric. This is why many homeowners decide to combine them with other window treatments such as blinds and shades.

4. Shutters

If you are obsessed with improving curb appeal, shutters are a great option. They are a window treatment, made entirely from strong and thick wood. Mostly found in traditional homes, shutters provide maximum privacy and energy efficiency. When seen from the outside, they make the exterior look richer and more authentic.

There are tons of styles for shutters, including Café Style and Scandinavian. The patterns and colors of the latter will make your home look like from a fairytale, while with Café, you will have a cute and cozy kitchen, ideal for having a cup of tea on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

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