Choosing the right window type is a hassle! There are tons of materials, styles, ratings, and types. You may start to feel bombarded by information and lose track of your primary mission. To help you out with your window replacement, we made a list of the most popular window types out there which can satisfy anyone’s needs.

Hung – The Common Choice

This window type is the most common choice for homeowners in Canada. This type has two variations: single and double hung. In both variations, the window is opened by sliding. The difference is that single-hung are only operated from bottom to top, while double-hung work from both sides. Hung windows don’t take up much space and are great for preserving traditional looks for homes. They also have the ability to tilt which is great for increasing natural ventilation.

Casement – Found in Kitchens

When mentioning tilting and increased ventilation, one must also mention casement windows. They are operated with a crank mechanism and basically function like doors. Their many opening angles make them easy to reach and perfect for ventilation. Because of these two important characteristics, casements are usually found above kitchen sinks. With cooking and doing dishes, we increase humidity levels in the kitchen, therefore, needing more ventilation to balance things up.

Awnings – Best Breeze

As casements fit kitchens, awnings are ideal for bathrooms. This window type is also operated with a crack mechanism, the difference being that it only tilts outwards and is operated from the bottom, catching an angle of 45 degrees which surprisingly is the best angle for ventilation. Additional advantages of awning windows are small size, no obstruction of interior space and having your rooms protected from rain or snow, even when the window is open. The opposite of awning is hopper which has the same mechanism, except it opens inwards and from the top.

Sliding – The Most Practical

For those who value practicality above all else – sliding windows are the best! Because of their way of opening, they do interfere with interior spaces and make small rooms seem much larger. Sliding windows are operated with horizontal movements. Some variation of this type allows opening from both sides (left & right), while others only from one. Their main disadvantage is that they always have one side closed. However, this doesn’t damage ventilation in any way because usually, their openings are larger than in other window types.

Picture – For More Light

Sometimes, homeowners have enough ventilation in their rooms and insufficient light at the same time. If you have enough operable windows and still feel like living in a cave – opt for static windows like a picture. They aren’t operable and their only function is to provide more access to natural light and outside views. Usually, they are parts of a window type mixed from static and operable windows like bay for example. To increase natural light, you even place arc windows or skylights.

Bay & Bow – Luxurious

When we see a picture of someone drinking tea while sitting next to the window, usually the window type is bow or bay. These are found in luxurious old homes and you can often see them in vintage-crime TV series like Hercule Poirot. Bay and bow consist of more window openings and provide maximum sunlight and ventilation while also adding a unique flair to your home’s aesthetic. The many openings can be a combination of different types such as 1 picture + 2 casements.


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