If you are an owner of a traditional home with wooden frame windows, you have probably have been given the advice on more than one occasion to immediately do window replacement and change your frames to vinyl.

You also have probably debated this subject and your main argument is that wood provides a style like no other – authentic, luxurious and welcoming. Well that is true but I politely advise you to hear us out and listen to our arguments. I bet they can change your mind in an instant.

Here 5 reasons why should choose vinyl windows:

1. Low Price

The price for a new window varies and depends on many factors: the size, the state you live in and the installation costs. But oddly enough vinyl will be cheaper than any other material on the market in every possible situation. In this case, low price doesn’t mean low quality as vinyl is one of the top insulators. The cheapest vinyl frame is $150, the highest can even reach $2000 if the opening size is extremely large.

2. High Efficiency

The efficiency rating vinyl windows have are the same as fiberglass windows and both of them are much better than wood and aluminium. Wood is easily damaged by challenging weather conditions while vinyl is durable and can usually withstand any kind of storm without the occurrence of mold, rots and pests afterwards.

3. Long Lifespan

We mentioned that vinyl doesn’t require much maintenance and that it isn’t vulnerable to the signs of aging such as rot and cracks. We know that the average life for wood is 25 and for aluminium only 15, but how long do vinyl windows actually last? You’ll be amazed to hear this, but the age limit for vinyl is 40! So if you do vinyl window replacement when you are 20, you’ll still have the same windows on your 60th birthday party.

4. Low Maintenance

Another advantage vinyl has over other materials is that it requires little to none maintenance. You do not have to clean it regularly to keep it safe from rot and cracks since vinyl takes care of itself and also of you and your family. Vinyl is also UV damage resistant so repainting the frames won’t be needed at all as they don’t fade or deteriorate easily.

5. Vinyl vs. Fiberglass

The most durable and efficient material out there is fiberglass, but it is very expensive and hard to maintain so finding a decent supplier may pose to be difficult. Another advantage vinyl has over fiberglass is that it is UV light resistant, unlike fiber which needs extra coatings and layers for keeping the glass safe and sound.

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